21 June 2009

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IPv4Router: Enable / Disable IP Packet Forwarding (Routing). Routing starting work immediately, without reboot. Works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, WinPe 2.x and WinPe 3.x

WSUS-Local: Configure Automatic Update Client (WUA) for WSUS in a Workgroup or Multi-Domains environment.

LocGrpMemb: List all user accounts that belongs to the local group. To get a list of users that belong to the specific local group run LocGrpMemb.exe and provide a name of local group.

FindRep: Find and Replace Text in a Text File. To use FindRep.exe just type a command similar to this from the command prompt:

FindRep.exe "C:\TEMP\File1.txt" "Good Morning" "Good day"

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