05 August 2011

CURU.ca–Blog about Exchange and Lync

logo-curu-caAs many of you know, I do a lot of IT projects. Here, at ITSTUFF.ca and CuruIT.com I’m publishing lot of posts about many deferent IT areas, like Active Directory, System Deployments, SCCM, Scripting, Exchange, Scripts and Tips.

I've launched a brand new blog dedicated to Microsoft “Unified Communications” and related technologies like Exchange and Lync.  It called: CURU.ca.

At CURU.ca I’m going to publish news, articles, tips and tips mostly about Exchange and Lync. 

So if you are planning, piloting or deploying Exchange or Lync, please visit to http://www.curu.ca, have a look around. Think you are an Exchange or/and Lync expert already? Great! please join Curu.ca and ask to become news-poster by  contacting me: admin at curu.ca.

Oh and promote this new www.curu.ca endeavor by spreading the word!