04 October 2012

Live Migrate VMs on Shutdown in Windows 2012 (Hyper-V 3.0)

Back in the days, I've published here the "Improve your Hyper-V Virtual Availability - Live Migrate VMs on Shutdown" article.
By default, if you shut down a cluster host, say, because you're deploying a Windows Update, or a new version of a backup or monitoring client, the situation is different. Windows will use Quick Migration to move the virtual machines from one host to another. "Improve your Hyper-V Virtual Availability - Live Migrate VMs on Shutdown" article describes how to use PowerShell and Group Policy and  take all the virtual machines on thr host and distribute them across the cluster.

Recently, I've upgraded all my Hyper-V host in my lab to Windows 2012 and I realized, that this solution doesn't work anymore out of the box.....

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11 September 2012

TeamViewer alternative. Why would we need another one

I know, I know. There is already too many remote access tools on the market. Some of them are powerful and thorough, with well-deserved solid reputation among the IT crowd. So why wasting time by talking about another one? And still, I believe there is a reason.
Recently,  I started noticing a not very healthy tendency in the remote support tools realm. Almost one half of the applications transformed into some kind of web services, while a great share of the rest became overloaded do-it-all solutions. As a result, many IT Admins and Support Departments got stuck with slow and glitch-prone browser-based services that in addition require registration for every single client. Others ended up deploying monstrous software packages that allow you to access remote computers, organize meetings, create whiteboards, share handouts, host audio and video conferences, and even order pizza online (well, maybe not exactly this one, but the tools are getting close!).
Some tools have managed to keep their relatively slim shape but at what price? They've built their brands and started charging premium fees (looks like Apple pricing model to me).
Does it mean that there is no neat, streamlined, and affordable alternatives in the new brave world of remote support? The situation is not quite that desperate. And I must admit that I picked TeamViewer's brand for no particular reason other than its deserved popularity and well-known name. After all, it's a solid tool and  there is nothing wrong with being feature-rich. Actually, If you have justified needs for all those bells and whistles and you have deep pockets to afford them - great, go for it.
However, if you are looking for a high-performance lightweight remote support tool that would not require hours to deploy and learn,  and then days to train your clients, then take a closer look at Inletex Easy Remote Control (ERC). Inletex is not a new player in the remote support world. It's been around since 2003 and has pretty solid and loyal user base. I've been a technical advisor for Inletex since their early days and I can definitely endorse the Easy Remote Control.
The idea behind this product was to provide a sleek high-performance tool that is really easy to use. In version 4 Inletex has delivered what I consider the ultimate client's experience: tiny one-file Client module that your clients download and run with no installation. After they started the application - no more clicks required. Yup, not a single extra click. Believe me, it continuously amazes customers to whom you provide remote support. I witnessed it first hand on more than a few occasions.
If the following feature set covers all your needs then consider Inletex Easy Remote Control a viable and more cost-effective alternative to TeamViewer and others.
  • HTTP transport – works fast and seamlessly behind Firewalls, Proxy Servers, and NAT
  • No installation required
  • Client receives support in just one click
  • Data encryption and compression
  • File Transfer using simple Drag & Drop
  • Windows logon screen control
  • UAC dialog full control
  • View overlay video (for video software and video codec troubleshooting)
  • Automatic clipboard sync
  • Sending Ctrl-Alt-Delete and any custom key combinations
  • On-premise Gateway module available for private networks (Enterprise version only)
Free version with stripped-down functionality is available for personal use. Give it a try and let me know what you think
Product page: http://www.inletex.ca/products/inletex-easy-remote-control/
P.S. Inletex is currently running a promotion for the latest Easy Remote Control 4.2 release. By downloading the free version you'll get a promotional code for 20% discount on the awesome Pro version (which, in my opinion, is  already fair priced! ). According to the insider info, the promotion will be over by the end of September.