23 October 2007

Goodbye Windows Vista!

Goodbye Windows Vista!

A little over two weeks ago I gave up using Windows Vista, reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP.

For now, this is only a temporary Goodbye while we wait for the Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and I’m not quite ready yet to say Goodbye Microsoft.

Why Windows XP instead of Windows Vista?

Quite simply because I got sick and tired of this revolutionary operating system being so slow and of having to wait while it would load up dialog boxes for opening or saving files.

This type of ordinary operation on a regular workday sometimes had me waiting for over half a minute before allowing me to see the contents of the directory I was trying to explore.

In the end, a lot of time wasted every day and therefore a decrease in productivity.

Since the change, everything is great. My PC now runs with clockwork precision and I no longer spend time waiting for my computer’s operating system to finish off some unknown or imaginary task before finally doing what I’m asking it to do.

English translation of the French article “Goodbye Windows Vista !” by Andrew Kovacs, Ph. D.

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