17 November 2007

Updates: Free Deployment System Scripts

I have made a small change in my "Free Deployment System", the set of script allows to deploy, install or run applications on any remote computer.
Equally, I just added a few new lines. In to Config.bat added a new line:

set DSRV=
By using a DSRV environment i can set IP or Computer Name of my Deployment Server.
Also, added two new lines to the INSPKG.bat script (Script in original article already changed, so you can simply take a changed script). One of new lines contains following:
%Tools%\psexec.exe \\%RCOMP% -u %USR% -p %PASS% -i cmd /c md C:\Updates
This line creates a directory C:\Updates on remote computer. I use C:\Updates on remote computer to copy there necessary scripts and source of installation programs. The other new line in INSPKG.bat is:
@echo set DSRV=%DSRV%> \\%RCOMP%\C$\updates\config.bat
As you can see, by this line I create a config.bat file on remote computer and put in to environment, that sets a name or IP of our deployment server. Additionally, we need to change a package script. So, after changes, our package script looks like follow:

@echo off
call c:\updates\config.bat
\\%DSRV%\packages\7ZIP\7z442.exe /S
So, now, if we are changed our deployment server, we have not to change our packages script.
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