19 May 2009

Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V News!

64 logical processor support. This is a 4x improvement over Hyper-V R1 and means that Hyper-V can take advantage of larger scale-up systems with greater amount of compute resources. As our friends at AMD and Intel drive up core counts, we want you to know that Hyper-V is ready to take advantage of the compute resources in your server today and those you're buying tomorrow.

Support for up to 384 Concurrently Running Virtual Machines & 512 Virtual Processors PER SERVER. (No, that's not a typo.) Going hand in hand with our support for 64 logical processors, we're upping the maximum number of concurrently running virtual machines to 384 per server and the maximum number of virtual processors to 512 for the highest virtual machine density on the market. Here are a few examples. You could run:

1. 384 single virtual processor vms OR
2. 256 dual virtual processor vms (512 Virtual Processors) OR
3. 128 quad virtual processor vms (512 Virtual Processors) OR
4. any combination so long as you're running up to 384 VMs and up to 512 Virtual Processors

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