08 July 2009

IP V4 Router Virtual Appliance at Torrents Tracker on ITStuff.ca

I'm happy to let everybody know about a new extention at ITstuff.ca.
Today I installed and configured our own Tracker Server, so from now I can distribute a big applications, tools or programs by using BitTorrent.

As a first example, I'd like to show you a Virtual Appliance that I've build. This is a VMWARE appliance with WinPE 3.0 installed and configured as IP v4 Router.

All Virtualization specialist, who even ones worked with multiple vLans / Networks know about very nice soft router, Vyatta.

But, you don't need to buy cow if you would like to drink a glass of milk :). This is a reason why I've decided to build really simple router. IP V4 Router Virtual Appliance doesn't requesting any configuration. Just turn it all and you will get routing between all network cards. Yes, this is so simple :)...

Here is a link to IP V4 Router Virtual Appliance torrent file.

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