19 October 2009

I love Exchange 2010 :)

If you are working with Exchange, you HAVE to start think about Exchange 2010. I promise, you'll love it!!! :)))

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  1. Is it in the Action Pack? Gotta get it and install just to get familiar.
    No, where can I buy some TIME?



  2. It's true that Exchange 2010 is much better than Exchange 2007 and should make life easier for system admins (and they need it). The hell they go through on a daily basis seems like it should qualify for the UN's definition of torture. My company, Azaleos, is showing some love to system admins everywhere- we are giving away a 16GB iPad to the best IT disaster story (and what you did to save the day) to celebrate National System Administrator Appreciation Day (July 30). To submit your story or nominate someone else, go to www.azaleos.com/Company-Info/Celebrate-National-Sys-Admin-Appreciation-Day