20 August 2010

Fully Unattended Windows 2008 and Windows 7 - 1227 Lines of scripts

Last few months I've been working on a project for one very big Canadian Company.
Now I can say that this project is coming to the end :).

I was concentrated on building a solution for fully unattended deployment procedure of Windows Server 2008 Servers and Windows 7 Workstation.
In total this project covers 200 Servers and about 1000 Workstation. I've used a lot of tricks and tips in this project and built a lot of scripts to automate EVERYTHING :).

Today I asked myself, "How many lines of code you wrote in all scripts for this project?"

So, after very simple maths I can say, all my scripts for FULLY UNATTENDED Windows 2008 and Windows 7 system contain 1227 lines :).

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