16 December 2010

Microsoft releases update that enables Exchange 2010 Archive access for Outlook 2007

Microsoft released a cumulative update for Outlook 2007 that provides access to Exchange 2010's Archive mailbox. A long awaited feature, Outlook 2007 users previously had to rely on Outlook Web Access to access their archive. Some organizations have held off deploying Exchange's archive feature because they had Outlook 2007 deployed. Now, the wait is over.

Hotfix 2458611 is now available for the download for the x86 platform. Among the features that will become available to Outlook 2007 users are:

  1. Accessing messages in the archive
  2. Moving messages into the archive
  3. Accessing the archive of a manager when granted delegate access

There are some known limitations when compared to Outlook 2010 and the archive. Among them are the lack of support for archive policies and the ability to search independently of the mailbox and archive.

For more information on Exchange 2010's personal archive feature, see:

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