27 July 2016

http://www.highclouder.ninja/ - O365, Azure, Express Route, On-Premises, and etc..

For last 2 years, I've got a LOT of emails from many people around the globe (at least once a week ), and all those people asked me pretty much the same question: "Misha, you've been blogging since 1998... why did you stop blogging?" So, here it is! I have created a brand new blog:http://www.highclouder.ninja/ The new blog will cover as much as possible about Microsoft Cloud eco-system (I'll be blogging about a lot of tricks and tips, about O365, Azure, Express Route, On-Premises, and etc.. No Sales Bla, Bla, Bla :slightly_smiling_face: ). So, PLEASE spread the word about the new blog :slightly_smiling_face:http://www.highclouder.ninja/
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