27 April 2009

Antivirus for Windows 7

Microsoft recommends that you install security software to help protect your computer from viruses and other security threats, and that you keep your security software up to date.

The companies listed below provide security software that is compatible with Windows 7.

Important: Before you install antivirus Aoftware, check to make sure you don't already have an Antivirus product on your computer. If you do, be sure to remove the product you don't want before you install the new one. It can cause problems on your computer to have two different antivirus products installed at the same time...

Microsoft is actively working with the partners listed on this page and additional security independent software vendors (ISVs) to provide security software solutions tested on the Windows 7 Beta.

F-SecureTrend Micro AVG
Kaspersky Lab Panda
McAfee Symantec

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