16 April 2009

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Beta Released

Microsoft released the beta of Microsoft Exchange 2010!
This software is intended for evaluation purposes only. You must accept the license terms before you are authorized to use this software. There is no product support for this trial software. You are welcome to participate in the forums to share your trial experiences with others and to ask for advice.

System Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008; Windows Vista 64-bit Editions Service Pack 1
  • Operating System for Installing Management Tools: The 64-bit editions of Microsoft® Windows Vista® SP1 or later, or Windows Server® 2008.
  • PC - x64 architecture-based computer with Intel processor that supports Intel 64 architecture (formerly known as Intel EM64T) or AMD processor that supports the AMD64 platform
Additional requirements to run Exchange Server 2010 Beta
  • Memory - Minimum of 4 gigabytes (GB) of RAM per server plus 5 megabytes (MB) of RAM recommended for each mailbox
  • Disk space
    • At least 1.2 GB on the drive used for installation
    • An additional 500 MB of available disk space for each Unified Messaging (UM) language pack that you plan to install
    • 200 MB of available disk space on the system drive
  • Drive - DVD-ROM drive, local or network accessible
  • File format - Disk partitions formatted as NTFS file systems
  • Monitor – Screen resolution 800 x 600 pixels or higher
Exchange Server 2010 Beta Prerequisites
If these required prerequisites are not already installed, the Exchange Server 2010 Beta setup process will prompt and provide links to the installation locations; Internet access will be required if the prerequisites are not already installed or available on a local network.
  • Microsoft® .NET Framework 3.5
  • Windows PowerShell v2
  • Windows Remote Management
Actual requirements will vary based on system configuration and specific features installed. For more detailed system requirements, please refer to the Exchange Server 2010 Technical Documentation Library.

For a list of Windows Server 2008 requirements, visit http://technet.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2008.
The downloadable software is for evaluation purposes only and is not a released product. If you plan to install the software on your primary computer, it is recommended that you back up your existing data prior to installation. Before you install the Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 Beta, we recommend that you review the summary of system requirements and technical information located in the Exchange Server 2010 Technical Documentation Library.

Expiration Notice
This time-limited, free beta version of Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 will end 360 days after installation.

To learn more about Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 visit http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/2010

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